Organofluorine chemistry has played a significant role in the majority of the spectacular scientific and technological developments of the past century including applications such as safe anaesthetics, speciality coatings for textiles, computing, high performance lubricants. It has particularly played a significant role in the life science industries. The use of fluorinated systems in drug discovery programmes has continued to grow and, at present, approximately 30% of new pharmaceutical and agrochemical systems that enter the market bear fluorine atoms. Those systems include Lipitor, Prozac and Ciprofloxacin, products that contribute enormously to income generation in the EU and the health of its citizens.

The FLUOR21 ITN aims to train the next generation of fluorine chemists and biochemists to maintain Europe’s pre-eminence in this vital research area. The network is composed of Early Stage and Experienced Researchers hosted in academic institutions in the UK, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, or in the private sector companies Astra Zeneca and Almac. Valuable training and secondment is provided by Bruker (France) and F2 Chemicals (UK).