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Thomas Cogswell

Thomas is originally from Bradford, UK. He attained a MSci degree in Chemistry from the University of Bristol in 2011 and his masters project, carried out under the supervision of Prof. A. Davis, involved the synthesis of steroidal anion binding agents. He then moved to the University of Glasgow to carry out a PhD under the supervision of Dr. Rudi Marquez, working on a CASE directed project sponsored by AstraZeneca. The research was focused on the synthesis of fluorinated nitrogen heterocycles via the ring-closing metathesis of vinyl fluorides. Following this, Thomas has moved to Mölndal, Sweden to carry out Post-doctoral research at AstraZeneca as part of the Fluor21 initial training network. Outside of the lab, his interests include football, cycling and reading.

Project Title: Fluorinated Scaffolds for Drug Discovery

Project Objectives: Synthesis of a range of new polyfunctional fluoroorganic systems for the development of new fluorinated aliphatic, aromatic and heteroaromatic systems for drug discovery programmes.

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