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Jorg de Ruijter

Jorg is originally from Breda, the Netherlands and received his Master of Science degree in Molecular Life Sciences from Radboud University in 2012. After this he moved to Aalto University in Espoo (Finland) to pursue his doctoral studies in Molecular Biotechnology under supervision of Prof. A. Frey. His thesis research was focused on the development of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae into a cell factory for the production of full-length human IgG antibodies. Following this, Jorg has moved to Portadown, Northern Ireland, to carry out Post-doctoral research at Almac Sciences as part of the Fluor21 initial training network. Outside the lab he enjoys cooking, cycling, and reading.

Project Title: Industrial Biotechnology with Fluorinated Systems

Project Objectives: Enzymes as catalysts to produce novel chemical fragments for drug discovery platforms. Enzyme modification of substrates to access novel fluorinated fragments. Microbial substrate feeding methodology using novel fluorinated building blocks.

Jorg spent about three weeks in University College Dublin, Ireland to study biocatalytic and biotransformation reactions with fluorinated benzoic acid derivatives.

He stayed in Broc House, Dublin. Please click here to read about the new skills she acquired.

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