ESR 10

Mate Somlyay

Originally from Budapest, Hungary, Máté graduated from Semmelweis University with a first class honours degree in Pharmacy in 2015. He did undergraduate research in NMR spectroscopy at the same institution under the supervision of Professor Béla Noszál which focused on the physicochemical characterization of drug molecules. His interest for drug discovery started at the University of Cambridge, where he attended a short intensive course in early stage drug discovery. He is currently doing his PhD research in the Max F. Perutz Laboratories, University of Vienna under the supervision of Professor Robert Konrat. His work focuses on the NMR characterization and high-throughput screening of fluorinated compounds. Outside work, he is fond of basketball and nature photography.

Project Title: 19F NMR: An enabling tool in the design, synthesis, screening and 3D structure characterization of novel fluorinated scaffolds


Project Objectives: 19F NMR screening and binding assays of novel fluorinated scaffolds such as Ar-SF5 to probe biological activity

Mate did his secondment in Durham University, UK and his study topic is Synthesis of small fluorinated protein tags.

He stayed in Ustinov College, Durham University. Please click here to read about the new skills he acquired.

Mate did his second Secondment in AstraZeneca, Sweden. The project title is: Fragment screening.Please click here to read about the new skills he acquired.

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