Etienne Lisse

Etienne is originally from Paris, France. He holds an engineering diploma from the European School of Chemistry, Polymers and Material Sciences in Strasbourg (France) and a Master of Science in Organic Chemistry from the University of Stuttgart (Germany). He completed his final year project with Professor Sabine Laschat and had industrial placements with DSM in Basel (Switzerland) under the supervision of Dr Jonathan Medlock (2011), and with Philips in Eindhoven (Netherlands) under the supervision of Dr Nico Willard (2012). Etienne’s PhD is focused on the synthesis of fluoroheterocycles by selective fluorination in continuous flow processes and by selective fluorination methods. Outside the lab he enjoys sports, especially handball and football, cooking and travelling.

Project Title: Fluornation in Flow

Project Objectives: Selective, efficient and scalable continuous flow methodology for the efficient synthesis of fluoroheterocycles; Selective fluorination of appropriate polyfunctional heteroaromatic substrates

Posters and Presentations:
Poster presented to RSC April 2015: Synthesis of fluorinated pyrimidinones using fluoro-malonate and fluoro-ketoester « building blocks

From August to September 2016, Etienne did his Secondment in Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Prague, Czech Republic. His Secondment research topic is Screening of SNAr-VNS reactions on fluorinated dicarbonyl systems.

He stayed Lodging House of the IOCB, Prague 6, Czech Republic. Please click here to read about the new skills he acquired.

Associated Partners:

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