Dianna Giminez

Diana, from Valencia, Spain, graduated from the University of Valencia with a BSc in Chemistry in June 2004. She joined the Department of Organic Chemistry at the same institution, where, under the direction of Dr Asensio Aguilar, she studied the effect of incorporation of fluorine and trifluoromethyl groups on the antibacterial activity of short cationic pentapeptides. In Oct 2006 she earned an Advanced Studies Diploma (MSc degree), and joined Dr Salgado Benito's research group at the Institute for Molecular Science. Here she examined the interfacial properties of different minimal active domains of proteins from the Bcl-2 family, mainly from Bax and Bcl-xL, that are pro-death and pro-survival factors known to be involved in cell apoptosis regulation. She is particularly interested in peptide chemistry, peptide chemical modification and peptide biophysics, with a special interest in how molecular structure is related to bio-activity, and how both can be chemically modulated.

Project Title: Fluorine as Modulator of Peptoid Function, Structure and Activity

Project Objectives: Synthesis of fluorinated aromatic and aliphatic amine monomers; Solid phase synthesis of fluorinated peptoid libraries; Analysis and characterization of both physical properties and conformation; Rational design of biologically active peptoids with defined secondary structures and stable tertiary structures.

Posters and Presentations:
Poster presented to RSC April 2015: Exploring the use of fluorine for peptoid structure induction

From October to November 2016, Diana did her Secondment in Westfälische Wilhelms- Universität Münster, Germany. Her Secondment research topic is Perfluoroaromatic reagents as a tool for peptide-sugar conjugation.

She stayed Edith-Stein-Kolleg Student Accommodation, Munster, Germany. Please click here to read about the new skills she acquired.

Diana did her second Secondment in Molecular Foundry. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA. (USA). The project title is he Application of Fluorine as a Tool to Modulate Peptoid Conformation.Please click here to read about the new skills she acquired.

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