William Palmer Brown

William is from London and in 2012 graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Exeter (UK), which included a year abroad studying molecular biology at the University of Washington (Seattle, US). William then completed a research internship in metabolic engineering at Shell Global Solutions, working on advanced biofuels. After, he worked as an oilfield microbiologist (Oil Plus, UK), researching: biodegradation, biofilm and molecular microbiological monitoring. His research interests include: bioprocess, synthetic biology and xenobiotic metabolism. Outside of laboratory, he enjoys golf, long distance running and surfing.

Project Title: Biosynthesis of Fluorinated Molecules/ Biocatalysis of Fluorinated Compounds

Project Objectives: Precursor-directed biosynthesis and mutasynthesis using microorganisms for the synthesis of structurally diverse fluorinated natural product analogues; regio- and stereo-selective fluorination by biosynthetic pathways

Posters and Presentations:
Poster presented to RSC April 2015: Bioinformatic characterisation  of a whole cell biocatalyst to enable biotransformation of organofluorine compounds

From October to November 2016, William did his Secondment in Almac (Craigavon, Northern Ireland). His Secondment research topic is Screening and assessment of microbial P450s in industry.

During his Secondment, he stayed Apartment 1B, 47 Malone Road, Belfast. Please click here to read about the new skills he acquired.

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