Marta Saccomanno

Marta comes from the south of Italy. She is now based in University College of Dublin where she is investigating the biotransformation of fluorinated aromatic compounds. Marta holds a Masters degree in Environmental Biotechnology from the University of Perugia. An internship at the Faculty of Life Science, Copenhagen University allowed her to work with advanced biotechnological techniques. She conducted her MSc research project at the Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, University of Amsterdam, where she worked at the interface between chemistry and biology in investigating the degradation of carbon-based nanoparticles by Fungi. Her main research interests include the use of biotechnologies for the industrial application of microorganisms, and investigating environmental issues such as dispersion of pollutants in ecosystems and waste treatment.

Project Title: Biotransformation of aryl-SF5 compounds for fine chemical production

Project Objectives: Chemo-enzymatic preparation of new fluorinated scaffolds; Metabolic fate, degradation pathways and biotransformation of aryl-SF5 derivatives; investigation of improved resistance to metabolism using microbial oxidation/chemical fluorination strategy.

Posters and Presentations:
Poster presented to RSC April 2015: Biotransformation  of pentafluorosulphanyl aromatics

From October 31st to November 21st 2016, Marta did her Secondment in Department of Computational Biology and Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy, MFPL, Vienna University, Austria. Her Secondment research topic is Biotransformation of SF5 substituded aminophenols.

She stayed in Rented accommodation, Klimsh gasse 8, Vienna. Please click here to read her secondment report.

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