Rita is from Portugal. In November 2014 she was awarded a Master of Science in Chemistry from the Faculty of Sciences of University of Porto. Her thesis explored “New lysine-based surfactants: synthesis and self-assembly properties”, and was completed under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Eduardo Marques. She is currently undertaking her PhD in peptide chemistry in the Freie University Berlin, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Beate Koksch. Outside work, she enjoys tennis, music and travelling.

Project Title: Protein Engineering Through Fluorinated Amino Acid

Project Objectives: Synthetic fluorination routes to a range of non-natural amino acids containing single and multiple fluorine atoms; Synthetis of short peptides and large proteins containing fluoro-amino acids.

Rita did her secondment in University College Dublin, Ireland and her project title topic is Biotransformation of fluorinated amino acids by Cunninghamella elegans.Please click here to read about the new skills she acquired.

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