Javier Ajenjo

Originally from Madrid, Spain, Javier graduated from the University Complutense of Madrid having completed a five-year programme in Chemistry. He joined the Laboratory or Polymers of the Department of Organic Chemistry at the same institution, and was involved in a research project directed by Dr. Rocío Cuervo which focussed on the synthesis of novel biopolymers for medical purposes. He spent a year in Wroclaw (Poland) under the Erasmus Students Exchange Program, where he joined the laboratory of Dr. Anna Trzeciak and was involved in a research project focussing on Organic Catalysis. In September 2014 Javier joined Dr. Petr Beier’s lab, and started his PhD which focusses on the synthesis of aryl- and heteroaryl- SF5 derivatives. Outside the lab he enjoys sports, travelling and spending time with friends and family.

Project Title: Aryl-sulfur Pentafluoride Derivatives: Synthesis and Applications

Project Objectives: Synthesis of a range of new polyfunctional aryl SF5 derivatives ; synthesis of new SF5-containing aromatic and heteroaromatic systems.

Posters and Presentations:
Poster presented to RSC April 2015: Synthesis of new ArSF5 derivatives

Javier did his secondment in Durham University, UK and his study topic is Synthesis of Ar-SF5 by fluorination in flow of disulfides.

He stayed in Fresh Student Living, Chapel Heights in Durham. Please click here to read about the new skills he acquired.

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