Originally from Ireland, Dave graduated from University College Cork with a first class honours degree in Chemistry of Pharmaceutical Compounds in 2006. He completed his PhD at the University of St Andrews under the supervision of Professor John Walton, investigating the use of titanium dioxide as a photoredox catalyst in organic synthesis. His research interests include the development of novel synthetic methods, organo- and organometallic catalysis, organo-fluorine chemistry, photochemistry and the exploitation of light as a tool in synthetic chemistry. Outside the lab, Dave enjoys travelling, the outdoors - especially mountaineering and whitewater kayaking - cooking and overindulging on coffee.

Project Title: CF2CF2-group transfer reagents

Project Objectives: Organic synthesis using radical, nucleophilic and electrophilic -CF2CF2- group transfer reagents; development of methodology for –CF2CF2- and –CF2CF2H incorporation into aliphatic systems.

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AstrazenecaF2 Chemicals