The network is joined by two full industrial partners, AstraZeneca (AZ) and Almac and by two associate partners, F2 Chemicals and Bruker.


One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies with a very broad research and development programme, AstraZeneca will be a fully integrated partner in the network. They will act as lead supervisor on an individual research project (ER1 – 24 months) while also providing scientific expertise to other network projects in the form of ESR co-supervision, training and the facilitating of secondments.


Almac provides services for all stages of drug development for small molecules (including highly potent and cytotoxic) and peptides. Almac will be a fully integrated network partner, acting as lead supervisor on an individual research project (ER2 - 24 months). Almac will also provide expertise and support to other projects within the network. They will co-supervise ESR projects and contribute to training and research workshops and facilitate secondments.

F2 Chemicals

Experts in the exploitation and application of fluorine gas as a chemical reagent, F2 Chemicals will play a key role within ESR/ER training. In this capacity they will contribute to various training and research workshops while also providing technical expertise and support to secondments of various ESRs.


Bruker is a manufacturer of scientific instruments and has been developing products for magnetic resonance for over 50 years (both NMR and MRI systems). Bruker will play a vital role within ESR/ER training; providing training and research workshops in the areas of 19F NMR. They will also provide cutting edge technical expertise and support for secondments of various ESR/ERs to use specialized instrumentation.