Fluorine 21

December 2017 Network Bulletin

Our December 2017 Network bulletin has been published and distributed. Please click on the above link to catch up on all our Network updates.

ESR/ER Secondments

There are 11 researchers have completed their secondment. Please click on the above to read more about their secondment details.

04/09/17 August 2017 Network Bulletin
20/03/17 March 2017 Network Bulletin
20/03/17 Congratulations to Dr Petr Beier (Prague) has been awarded the RSC Fluorine Chemistry Group Prize for outstanding contributions to Fluorine chemistry research by a chemist under the age of 40.
15/02/17 Congratulations to Steven and Diana! They have been granted user access to the facilities of The Molecular Foundry (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, CA, USA) to collaborate with Professor Ronald Zuckermann on the research project ’The Application of Fluorine as a Tool to Modulate Peptoid Conformation‘.
20/01/17 Congratulations to Javier Ajenjo! He received a poster award at the 23rd Winter Fluorine Conference, Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA, January 15th-20th, 2017. His poster title is ‘Improving access to aromatic sulfur pentafluorides by direct fluorination of disulfides’.
06/12/16 Congratulations to Dr Petr Beier’s group, their latest results in a feature article in C&En News.
23/11/16 The Network's 2nd AGM is held in Berlin, Germany.
15/11/16 November 2016 Network Bulletin
17/10/16 Mickael Muselli joins the Institut of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry (IOCB).
01/09/16 Jorg de Ruijter joins industry partner, ALMAC, as an Experienced Researcher.
31/05/16 May 2016 Network Bulletin
20/04/16 4th Scientific Research Meeting
29/02/16 February 2016 Network Bulletin
23/11/15 3rd Scientific Research Meeting took place in Muenster, Germany.
25/11/15 Fluor21 team meet in Muenster, Germany for the FLUOR21 Midterm Review.
30/09/15 September 2015 Network Bulletin
01/09/15 Thomas Cogswell joins industry partner, Astrazeneca, as an Experienced Researcher.
18/09/15 The Network's 1st AGM is held in Dublin, Ireland.
16/09/15 The 2nd Transferable Skills Training Workshops takes place in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin, Ireland.
01/08/15 Mate Somlyay joins Dr Robert Konrat's team at the University of Vienna.
14/04/15 University of Vienna and Dr Robert Konrat join the Network.
14/04/15 Rita Fernandes (ESR) joins Beate Koksch's team in FU-Berlin.
14/04/15 The 2nd of our FLUOR21 Research Training Meetings takes place in Durham University.
27/01/15 Our 1st Research Training Meeting takes place in Prague, Czech Republic.
11/11/14 The 1st of our Transferable Skills Training Workshops takes place in Lumley Castle, UK.
30/11/14 November 2014 Network Bulletin
31/10/14 October 2014 Network Bulletin
22/09/14 Pump Priming Meeting held in Durham.
01/05/14 The first ESRs are recruited to the FLUOR21 network.
08/03/14 FLUOR21 network kick-off meeting held in Durham.
01/03/14 Beginning of FLUOR21 ITN.