ER 2: Jorg de Ruijter - 30 October - 17 November 2017

Title: Biocatalytic and biotransformation reactions with fluorinated benzoic acid derivatives

Host University: University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Accommodation: Broc House, Dublin, Ireland

Science: The fungus C. elegans as well as a selected enzyme panel of carboxylic acid reductases were analysed to evaluate their possibilities for biotransformation of a panel of fluorinated carboxylic acid reductases.

New Skills acquired

Research Skills

  • Learnt C. elegans cultivation methods for biotransformation purposes
  • Solvent extraction of compounds from liquid cultures and liquid reactions
  • Learnt how to use a GC-MS and how to analyse the results
  • Sample preparation for and analysis of samples by fluorine NMR

Interpersonal Skills

  • Working for a short period of time in a different laboratory
  • Working with people from a different scientific field
  • Time management