ESR 8: Mickael Muselli - October 2017

Title: Visit of Astrazeneca company

Host University: AstraZeneca Mölndal, Sweden

Accommodation: Good Morning Hotel

Science: Discovering, developing, manufacturing and marketing small molecules and biologics focused on three key areas:

  • oncology
  • cardiovascular and metabolic diseases
  • respiratory, inflammation and autoimmunity
  • New Skills acquired

    Cognitive Skills

    • Learnt to build and screen substrates using enzyme panels
    • Learnt about the high-throughput methodologies of industry
    • Learnt new methods for the scaled-up of synthetize ways

    Technical Skills

    • Using high-throughput methods, such as 96-well plate screens and subsequent analysis using UPLC

    Interpersonal Skills

    • Working in a professional environment for a very short period of time
    • Communicating effectively with people working in industry
    • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision