ESR 9: Andrea Rodil Garcia - June 2016

Title: Biotransformations of fluorinated compounds by fungus Cunninghamella elegans

Host University: University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

Accommodation: Glenomena Student Accommodation, University College Dublin, Ireland

Science: The fungus Cunninghamella elegans was tested for its ability to biotransform fluorinated compounds (which were developed in St Andrew's), in which the potential biotransformation positions are quite hindranced by the surrounding fluorine atoms.

New Skills acquired

Cognitive Skills

  • Working with living organisms. Growth, feeding and incubation conditions for Cunninghamella elegans
  • Acquired knowledge of biotransformations. Use of living organisms to get to new compounds.

Technical Skills

  • Working in extremely sterile conditions. Avoid contamination and sources of contamination to work with microorganisms.
  • Excellent command in using an autoclave.
  • Extraction of liquid cultures.
  • Improvement of my GC/MS command.

Interpersonal Skills

  • Ability to work in a completely new environment for a very short period of time. Very efficient management of time and space.
  • Ability to communicate efficiently with people working in different fields.
  • Improvement of my team-working skills.