The primary objective of FLUOR21 ITN is to provide high quality multidisciplinary training to young researchers, to ensure the transfer of competitive, valuable, research expertise to the next generation of biochemists.

The overall training objectives of the FLOUR21 ITN are:

  • to provide Early Stage Researchers & Experienced Researchers with excellent network-wide training, thereby exploiting the network potential
  • to ensure ESRs & ERs receive local individual training that will both add to their individual research projects, and develop their future research careers
  • to transfer existing & new project knowledge between partners (to the ESRs and ERs) and the wider community
  • to create, where possible, an outstanding training environment that will lead to PhD degrees with European certification as well as accelerated career progression for ERs

These objectives will be achieved through a structured programme of activities within WP2. Further details can be found in our Training & Outreach sections.