Transferable Skills Workshops Durham, UK - November 2014

Our first Transferable Skills Workshop was held in Lumley Castle near Durham (Nov 2014). This event was attended by all of the FLUOR21 ESRs and another 30 ESRs from four other ITN networks (Notedev, NanoEmbrace, Molesco and Micsed) that are coordinated from Durham University.

The purpose of the workshops was to improve ESR’s time management & research project management skills.

The tailored 4 day residential event was written around the aforementioned skills and explored communication, impact, personal effectiveness and academic good practice such as identifying research goals, effective use of literature resources and research ethics.

In order to manage their time effectively, ESRs were also briefed on effective time management & collaborative working skills such as planning, task allocation, setting goals (SMART), delegation, organization and prioritisation of tasks.

It also provided an opportunity to review individual Career Development Plans.

Workshop Documentation

Mixed ITN Training Agenda