1st Research Training Workshops Prague, Czech Republic, January 2015

Our 1st Research Training Workshop was hosted by Prague’s Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry in January 2015. ESRs attended a 5 day event which formed the 1st part of their Fluorination Strategies training.

The workshops required ESRs to give presentations on a series of background topics related to their Fluor21 projects with specific emphasis on appropriate fluorinating agents and strategies used during the project (handling, skills, equipment, etc). This gave ESRs an opportunity to practice their communication skills, and to discuss their research aims and opportunities for collaborations within the Fluor21 Network.

The event also included lectures from academic and industrial experts from both inside and outside the Network. The agenda included an informative talk from Professor David O’Hagan from St Andrew’s University on enzymatic fluorination, techniques, skills, equipment, safe handling, scope of processes. Dr Laurent Knerr from AstraZeneca also presented a case studies of applications to pharmaceutical synthesis of current drug systems and Dr Sergio Dall’Angelo from the University of Aberdeen looked at applications to PET.

Workshop Documentation

Fluor21 ITN 1st Training Workshop: Fluorination Strategies (1)- Agenda