2nd Research Training Workshops Durham, UK - April 2015

Our 2nd Research Training Workshop was hosted by Durham University in April 2015. ESRs attended a 5 day event which formed the 2nd part of their Fluorination Strategies training ( the 1st part having taken place in Prague in January 2015).

Along with significant contributions from our partners Almac and F2 Chemicals, acaademic experts from Durham University provided ESRs with detailed information regarding techniques, literature, application of green metrics and use of elemental fluorine and related reagents in organic chemistry both within academic laboratory and industrial environments.

Detailed information regarding safety use techniques required for performing reactions under high pressure and use of anhydrous HF and related reagents (SF4, DAST, HF, pyridine.HF, etc) was also provided to them. A practical course on the construction of metal gas lines for use with fluorine gas and other gaseous reagents gave ESRs experience of experimental design and equipment selection.

A site visit to Swagelok, a global developer and provider of high-quality and reliable fluid system solutions, where external experts demonstrated worked examples provided further project-centred learning for ESRs.

Workshop Documentation

Fluor21 ITN 2nd Training Workshop: Fluorination Strategies (2)- Agenda