4th Scientific Training Workshop - Dublin April 2016

Our 4th Scientific Training Workshop was held in University College Dublin, Ireland in April 2016. The 3 day event, included 2 days of lectures in UCD followed by a site visit to Almac, one of our industry partners, which is based in Northern Ireland.

The workshops consisted of a series of lectures which discussed Biosynthesis and 19F NMR techniques in Chemical Biology.

Dublin April 2016

Lecture topics included:

  • Biocatalysis with fluorine
  • Why YOU should do biocatalysis
  • Addressing Complexity in Molecular Structural Biology & Drug Development

ESRs were also given an opportunity to present a topical paper to their peers as well as giving the team an update on their research progress.

Site Visit to Almac

On the third day of the event, the team headed north to visit one of our industry partners, Almac. Our hosts gave us a tour of the very impressive facility and also gave lectures on Biocats and Almac itself.

Almac April 2016

Workshop Documentation

Fluor21 4th Scientific Training Workshop - Agenda